Creation of sites on a turnkey basis and sites support in Russia.

“TEKAMA” Internet agency – we will help you to extract everything possible from the Internet! The mission of “TEKAMA” is to create sites for business and country of high quality both in the Russian Federation, CIS states and in many countries of Europe and all around the world. We have managers in our team who can communicate in English with our clients. Besides, we provide the support and promotion of sites by solely and exclusively high-quality means. The Internet is actively filled with interesting sites created by various web –studios. According to the research made by “TEKAMA” studio Russia is one of the leaders among the countries on the number of active Internet users and number of companies that have their own sites, as well as on the number of studios that deal with web-development. “TEKAMA” studio works in the sector of sites creation in Russia, besides, it provides the services of site maintenance, banner and contextual advertising. We offer website development throughout Russia and CIS states, as well as in Europe and all around the world. We have solutions for every client who wants to create his own site – from a business card website, corporate website, site for the government entities to the online shop turnkey.

The price policy of “TEKAMA” company is very flexible, it is possible to agree on website development by installments. Besides, our price is lower than in your country. And, what is very important, we accept any currency. We maintain sites in Russia and throughout the world.

By the way, for the Internet specialists we have job vacancies of a web-designer, tester, usability-engineer. Attention! Today the portfolio of sites created by “TEKAMA” includes over 600 web-developments. What are our values and principles? Why do they trust us the creation of sites? Come to us and you will get an honest and detailed consultation!


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